Aerial surveillance

  • The sheer size of South Luangwa poses a great difficulty in understanding the scale of the problem on the ground. Despite continuous anti-poaching foot patrols who collect vital data whilst on patrol, much is often left out or not observed. Regular aerial surveillance of the park allows management to collect valuable data including carcass locations, drying racks, water sources at different times of year, fires, deforestation and much more.

  • Aerial surveillance is also important for anti-poaching operations and can be used to pin point poachers from the air, prevent them from escaping and directing ground patrols to them.

  • In terms of research monitoring, aerial support is regularly used by the Zambian Carnivore Program to locate collared animals in their study area.

Mfuwe Lodge and The Bushcamp Company, Dazzle Africa, Vulcan and USFW have and continue to be instrumental in supporting the majority of field CSL’s field work. This has included funding of a light aircraft for aerial surveillance by Mfuwe Lodge and Vulcan and ongoing support by both and USFW for critical anti-poaching support.