Law Enforcement support

Zambia, like the rest of Africa is facing unprecedented poaching levels. Consumption of bush meat and trafficking in wildlife products are reaching an all time high.

  •  In order to hold back the current onslaught of wildlife poaching throughout Africa, specifically of elephants, anti-poaching patrols are

  • CSL is now supporting 65 well trained, well equipped and highly disciplined scouts who risk their lives in the daily fight against poaching. They sometimes spend up to 20 days in the field on patrol in tough conditions and a harsh climate, carrying all their own rations and equipment. These proud and brave men and women work tirelessly to track down and apprehend wildlife perpetrators.

  • Without the CSL supported anti-poaching operations including anti-snaring day patrols, short rapid reactive patrols, long field patrols and investigations, wildlife figures in South Luangwa would most certainly decline.

Mfuwe Lodge and The Bush Camp Company, Vulcan, USFW and Tusk have and continue to be instrumental in supporting the majority of CSL’s field work. This has included funding of a light aircraft for aerial surveillance by Mfuwe Lodge and Vulcan and ongoing support by all for critical anti-poaching support.