Snaring is wildlife’s silent killer and we believe quietly wipes out thousands of animals annually in the Luangwa Valley. CSL tries to combat this by deploying anti-snaring patrols to remove snares from the bush and working closely with partners like the Zambian Carnivore Program (ZCP) and both organizations joint veterinarian to locate, immobilize and treat snared animals.

Human Wildlife Conflict Mitigation

Communities surrounding the national park face severe crop and property damages from elephants unable to resist the sweet taste of maize, vegetables and fruit. In order to mitigate this, we have a large scale human wildlife conflict mitigation program centered around the use of chilli.

CSL supports 65 community based scouts in South Luangwa to help the Department of National Parks and Wildlife protect the wildlife and natural resources. We do this by paying salaries, providing technical support, all patrol equipment, rations and transport. Additionally, we provide aerial surveillance to help detect any illegal activities in remote areas where patrols do not reach and also in nearby areas.

Detection Dog Unit

Detection dogs are increasingly being used to reduce wildlife trafficking but detecting wildlife contraband. The CSL Detection Dog Unit became Zambia’s first dog unit working to detect illegal wildlife products and firearms being used and trafficked within and out of Zambia.